Google Drive Assignments in Schoology Courses with Multiple Administrators

Phew, that is a big title.

As far as I see it, Google Drive Assignments was one of the biggest product boosts to the Schoology platform.  I can’t begin to explain how pleased I was when the integration went live!  If you aren’t familiar with this tool, this video offers a walk through from both the teacher and student side of Google Drive Assignments in Schoology.

We have heard from teachers that in cases where there are multiple course admins in a given Schoology course, not all of the admins can view Google Drive Assignments in the Schoology course.  After talking with the Schoology Help Desk, it appears that based on how the API works, there is only 1 user supported, and it is the admin who creates the assignment is the one who will be able to see the student work within the Schoology course.

After a little digging, we think we have a work around.

Disclaimer: I think we tried this last year unsuccessfully… so maybe things changed since then?

Disclaimer 2: We tried this with admins who were within the same Google domain, as well as admins who were in different Google domains.

And finally, just because it worked for us doesn’t mean it will work for you…. but on with the show!!

The Magic Starts Here

The great part is the work around really isn’t that tricky.  This video walks you through the process, but here are the basic nuts and bolts:

  • The admin who created the assignment in Schoology needs to go into his/her/their Google Drive account and find the folder labeled “Schoology Google Drive Assignments”.
  • Inside that folder will be subfolders titled with the name of any Schoology courses you have previously assigned Google Drive Assignments to.  Find the folder for your specific course with multiple admins.
  • Inside that course folder you will find subfolders titled with the assignment name from your Schoology course (and in those folders will be the copied Google files from your students)… share that folder with all the other admins of that Schoology course.  We did this with edit access, but I would assume comment would also work.

Yup, it was that easy.

Keep in mind: In order for this to work as described, the same admin will need to be the one to create the assignments with in Schoology.  That’s not practical.  Another solution is to have ADMIN 1 create the first assignment (even if it’s a simple “What’s your name”) and complete this sharing process with ADMIN 2.  Next, have ADMIN 2 create the next assignment and complete the sharing process back with ADMIN 1.  In short, each admin will need to share the folder in their Google Drive account with the other admins… and that isn’t created until you make an assignment and the students access the file.

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